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About Us

Clare - Kairos Coffee Manager

Hi, my name is Clare and I'm the manager of Kairos Coffee.


Thank you for visiting our website and I'd love you to visit us at Kairos Coffee.

Established in 2014, Kairos Coffee is run by and part of Shirley Baptist Church.  It's open to all and a fabulous place to hang out, enjoy friendship and build community. 

Hope to see you soon - you would be very welcome!

Our Purpose

More than a just a quick cuppa!

At Kairos Coffee, we want to provide you with a great coffee shop experience for both body and soul. So, we strive to make it a relaxing place where you can catch up with (or make new) friends, or simply peacefully enjoy your coffee away from the hustle and bustle of life!

And to that end, our friendly team will be here to brighten your day, serving great food, great drinks and, if you'd like, have a chat. We love to hear how your day is going!

Making coffee at Kairos

Our Coffee

Ethically sourced, yet delicious.

Our coffee is a delicious blend of 40% Honduras, 20% Ugandan and 40% Brazilian beans.


A lovely rich flavour of deep smoky spice notes with walnuts in the finish.


A proportion of all sales of coffee go to support important charities working around the world including Latin Link, TearFund and Toy Box; while all our teas are Fairtrade.

Our Name

What does 'Kairos' mean?

Kairos and Chronos; two Greek words for time.


Chronos is chronological time, the here and now. Measurable; see you at 10am for coffee type time.


Kairos (καιρός) is different, it's more than that. Kairos is all about everything coming together, being in the right place at the right time and so creating the perfect opportunity for whatever needs to be done. A God-given time.


Kairos Coffee is all about providing those opportunities for all.


So, come in to Kairos, it might just be the right moment for you! 

Kairos Coffee welcome
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